Tomatoes on the vine

Large / Bulk

Large Tomatoes on the Vine are a real treat for every consumer. A perfect fresh staple on your counter, (not the refrigerator), sweet and juicy TOV’s are marvelous in salads, salsas, sauces and sandwiches. 

Obviously all tomatoes grow on a vine, but this specific product is also being sold on the vine. The branches are the first parts of the plant to deteriorate and their presence and vivacity suggests the tomatoes are truly fresh. The second plus here is the beautiful fragrance they afford the fruits.

Handling this beautiful product from harvest up to careful packaging is Viscon’s specialty. To efficiently organize your post harvest process or your packing center we can provide everything you need.

Quality Tomato

Highest loading capacities of all systems available on the market.

Delivery programm

Harvesting trolleys for transport of boxes and plastic crates
Transport systems for harvesting trolleys to packing centres. (Person driven or fully automated).
(Un)loading units for harvesting trolleys.
Tipping systems for plastic crates or harvesting containers.
Grading machines , which will grade the produce on size, weight and color.
Automated filling units , which fills punnets or boxes on weight or volume.
Several weighing packaging lines for punnets and boxes.
Packaging machines (flow packers, stretch film wrapper, top seal, lidding machines, etc)
Check weighing units for punnets and boxes.
Metal detection systems for punnets and boxes.
Labelling machines for punnets, boxes, plastic crates and pallets.