Leafy vegetables

Most recently, Viscon has designed and engineered a special system for the safe production of leafy vegetables. This revolutionary new system is called the Viscon Hydroponics system. The system is a closed growing system floating on deep water and can be fully automated. It also provides innovative solutions for a more manual system, making hydroponic growing available for both smaller and bigger growers alike. Viscon Hydroponics focusses on short cycle crops that can be grown on deep water channels, i.e. lettuce, herbs, cabbage, English peas, kale, kohlrabi, leeks, mustard greens, parsley, radish and spinach. Viscon is able to integrate and supply all the automatic handling for the pots, boxes, trays, floats and end packaging if desired. The system provides automation and growing concepts for the three important phases in the process:

1. Growing of the young plant
2. Production on deep water channel
3. Ergonomic and efficient harvesting

Leafy Vegetables Growing

A fully automated hydroponic production system for a smooth operation.