Arie Kamp, involved in the development and design of small scale and big scale fresh produce projects for over more than 15 years, talks about Viscons position over the globe and the developments in Fresh Produce. During the past difficult years, Viscon has been innovating products & solutions and is now ready for further growth!

How has Viscon been building their position in the market in recent years?

Innovating solutions creates differentiation for our customers, and differentiation can create demand. Every company needs to have a product that is better, cheaper or different, and we aim to provide our customers with all three, through innovation. Partnering with our customers to develop new products or plans creates a win-win situation. Great ideas can be turned in great projects through synergy, sector expertise, and technical expertise that bring forth an excellent solution or product.

How does Viscon differentiate itself from other suppliers?

We are internationally oriented, we serve all markets in all important high end food producing countries, and we have gained a broad range of expertise. Being invited to do projects all over the world, with many established and stable companies over the years has provided us with an overall view on the fresh produce market worldwide. The expertise we have gained we re-invest in our plans, layouts and innovations. In the countries which focus on high end production, we own our own service locations. As such, we are present in these markets and can observe the most important trends and challenges that our customers face. This information helps us provide concepts which are meaningful to companies worldwide.

What do you see happening in the future for your position in the market place?

Through our innovations, we want to work alongside our customers, and assist in creating an optimal production process. This will mean lowering labour costs, improving processes, and the possibility to create more capacity. We strive to provide production equipment that positions our customers in control their processes, creating higher volumes, and preserving quality.